• Michael

    Hi! If you need a beta tester, let me know!

  • Hi, thanks !
    Few users are already using it since months so I guess it is ok 🙂
    It is still in ‘beta’ because I wanted people at Credly to check it and declare it “official”, but that will not happen I guess…
    Anyway, if you want to purchase the plugin, it is working.
    Bye !

  • What does “Add Steps Custom Post Type Menu Link” do?

    • Good question!
      In fact, BadgeOS used a secret Custom Post Types called steps, which doesn’t have menu item per default. Or, for various reasons, especially for maintenance and development, you may need to actually see these steps, to be able to deleted it, or bulk modify them. As far as I know, the problem with steps not deleted even if the achievement have been deleted is still here, so even if is just a menu entry, it can be handy for maintenance.

      • Question, I am looking for a BadgeOS developer. I want to award badges for posting CPTs generated by another plugin. I’m surprised BadgeOS doesn’t have an addon to select which CPTs to use. Interested?