• Jersey

    Amazing Plugin!! And the support is just neat!

    • Thank you very much for your review ! Enjoy the plugin 😛

  • Frenchlover

    Woderful plugin! Is the graph customizable via CSS?

    • Yes it is ! you can change color, font, and most of the graph style.
      Here are some guidelines : https://www.highcharts.com/docs/chart-design-and-style/style-by-css
      But you can use your browser html inspector to fine your own selector.
      Also, on a page, each graph has its own ID so you can customize theme differently.
      I will add that in the features list 😛

      Maybe I should also work on a demo page.

      • Frenchlover

        Thank you for your quick reply, ExtremRaym!
        I am glad to hear the response. One more question. You say the plugin works on highcharts. Does this mean the plugin can create not only column chart, but also other graph representations such as plot series, line charts, pie charts etc etc?? Thanks again for your great work.

        • Indeed, you can use the learndash_users_results_datatable_data filter to add/modify data attributes that could be read by HIghChart Table plugin used in this plugin. http://highcharttable.org/
          Beware that it doesn’t offer all the customization possibility that highcharts javascript init would provide (like, you don’t have access to all graph types), but you may find what you need already.

          Also, line/area charts may looks good, but it doesn’t really fit this kind of data IMHO. Linecharts are better for continuous series over time. And for piechart, they are better to represent fraction of a whole, which doesn’t really fit this dataset as well. 😛

          • Frenchlover

            Thank you for your splendid support. Plugin purchased!! I’m looking foward to using it!! Merci beaucoup!!

  • Frenchlover

    I have just started using and enjoying your plugin. I already have some additional requests I would like the plugin to be able to do. Is this the right place to make requests?

    • Excellent, Thanks 😀

    • Contact me via PM for the feature requests.
      Put as much details as possible, even screenshots if required. 😛

  • Frenchlover

    Thank you for the update ExtremRaym! Just wondering how we can use filters? When I insert codes above in function.php, the website goes blank. I tried to use the gist example to make it work, but to no avail. Could you provide a code which I can copy and paste into my function.php? Cheers!

  • Kaitlin Jurasek

    Does this plugin allow you to send a custom results report to each user who takes the quiz individually? What I am looking to do is someone takes the assessment and then is sent to a clean page (or PDF) that has a clean graph report (like a pie graph) of how the ranked in each category with the answers they answered. Does this do that?

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your interest in my plugin !
      Unfortunatly, it doesn’t have PDF export with graph.
      But maybe you could use the shortcode and render it to am empty page with very minimal styling and content (no background color, no sidebar etc), and use the Print to PDF function avaible in some OS, natively, or with a software like PDFcreator.

      • Kaitlin Jurasek

        Ok- great thanks for the info! Unfortunately that seems a little too much work for me… thank you though!