• 100audio.com

    I purchased this plugin

    This plug-in is very powerful

    For my site to save a lot of traffic

    I gave the author some feedback, the author helped me to solve

    thank you very much


  • freedom

    Bonjour, je suis artiste indépendant, je cherche un réseau un ou je puisse publier mes sons, éventuellement les mettre en ventes, et me créer une fanbase, tu me conseillerais soundcloud ? ( j’y es un profil pas pro, et très très peu d’abonnés. Je ne me suis jamais investis la dedans pour l’heure car trop occupé ces dernier temps. Mais a présent, je souhaite m’engager vivement sur cette voie de promouvoir, publier des sons, etc. En espérant que les gens accrocheront artistiquement a ma musique. VOila, ton avis m’importerait énormément. Peace 🙂

  • Hello, the free version don’t show the waveform??

    • Yes it does.
      Read all the infos about the free version on WordPress.org. Thx !

  • James

    “License are valid 365 days.” Does this mean I have to pay €20 again after one year?

    • Only if you want to benefit from basic support and updates. This is to assure that I can dedicate time to maintain the plugin in future.

  • Karl

    Hi, when I will use the add-on for raudive.de, what kind of license I need?

    Thx, Karl

    • Hi,
      Individual should be enough, as it is one single website.

  • Lucas

    I just purchased the premium version of your great plugin and want to use it in combination with the Ajax Load More plugin, which loads more posts (using ajax) on a button click. While the waveforms are visible on the posts loaded after the normal page load, the posts added/loaded by ajax show the default WP audio player. I think some script needs to be activated after the ajax load is complete, but I don’t know which one.. Using the wavesufer-wp-init plugin doesn’t show any effect. Maybe you could help me out? Thanks!

    Btw, the website i’m using it on is still in development, but I can give you access by PM if you want.

    • Hi !

      Thanks for your purchase,

      Indeed, because WaveSurfer-WP Premium has its own AJAX called (to write peaks files), I couldn’t use the ajaxComplete event used in the version of the plugin.
      I didn’t find a solution that would work for any scenarios, so I proposed this custom initialisation code snippet. But it is meant (actually, its javascript file) to be edited by the users to make it work in their particular case.

      In your case (Ajax Load More events), I saw that the plugin (thanksfully) proposed a custom events after its loadinds :

      I edited the code snippet I provided to show you an example about how it could be integrated (see bottom of the file).
      It is untested (as I don’t have the plugin), but it should work. Maybe there is some adjustments to make, but it should be minimal if you have know a bit of jQuery/JavaScript.

      Don’t forget to delete unecessary code blocks.

      As this is a comment section, it is not meant for support, so please PM me if you need more help. Thanks !

      • Lucas

        Thanks for your quick answer. I’ll check it today. If I have any questions, I’ll contact you by PM.

        • Lucas

          Thanks again ExtremRaym, for making adjustments to make it work with Ajax Load More!

  • Got the paid version. All works ok but the mp3 files do not play on mobile devices such as iphones and ipads…? help please

    • Hi, personnal support is made in private, this is comment section is more for general questions or comment. Please contact me by email via contact page with your username created at purchase.

  • freeform1999

    Hi, great audio plugin!!
    So what is the latest on updates & support & premium??
    REALLY hope it’s gonna live!