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Understanding The Render Order In After Effects – Tutorial on AEtuts+

By the way, I applaud Raymond’s (the author’s) work in getting all of this information together.

Todd Kopriva, product manager for professional video software at Adobe.

After the publication of my Photoshop tutorial PSDtuts+, i decide to try something for AEtuts+ (aujourd’hui, CGItuts+), from Tuts+, dedicated to the visual effects/compositing software After Effects from the Adobe‘s suite. Once gain, I was huge fan of this platform, and i try to have a different approach than most of the articles. It’s not a step by step tutorial, but an experimentation/conclusion tutorial, which leads to a deeper understanding of the software. The fact is that the subject, the render order, is a very important concept in all video/audio softwares, and that the official documentation about it was not deep enough for me, speaking just about the main calculations possible in After Effects (layers, effects, blending mode) but not the others.

It is very technical, and we can just read the conclusion if we are not interested by the experimentations, but the article was published in the hard “In-Depth” section (20 Dec 2010), and Todd Koriva himself, a well-know author of articles and videos about After Effects, working as product manager at Adobe, congratulated me for my work… You can imagine how proud i am 😛

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Understanding The Render Order In After Effects – AEtuts Tutorial