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Guitar Cover: Aviana – Obsession

“I carried the weight of the world on my shoulders. (…) I am trapped in my own misguided world. I stayed with the snakes for the longest time. It’s fucking hard to stay away. It’s fucking hard to live without you. But I’ll never go back there again. I fucking loathe myself.”

One take multicam cover. Unedited audio.
The cover isn’t perfectly accurate cause it is kinda hard to play in one shot. Also, the main riffs is pretty complex to get by hear, because it has lots of notes and tons of effects, so rather than 100% match, focus has been made on being consonant enough to sounds right. Original guitar part is for sure even more advanced than that, but it is enough to actually feel the song and give it a try, IMHO.

Original Track:


Aviana is a swedish metalcore, from late 2010’s. Obsession which came out in January 2022, is the first EP released by the new members of the band. It features complex djenty guitar riffs, powerful vocals and dark lyrics, mainly speaking about depression. Each songs got its own dedicated music video.