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Bass Cover: Ice Nine Kills – Assault & Batteries

“Evil comes in every size.”

One take video recording, audio re-recorded after session, cause it is pretty hard to stay precise enough in these conditions

Original track comes from Ice Nine Kills album, Welcome to Horrorwood: The Silver Scream 2


Many thanks to MLD for the big red buttons design, André.e for the setup, Guezave and Geoffrey for the extra-assistance!

Ice Nine Kills is an early 2000’s American Metal band, deeply by classic horror movies and burlesque horror. It’s both dark and funny at the same time. The riffs are advanced especially at guitar, the song structure are complex and the vocals goes from powerful clean singing to demonic low range screams.

This is actually the first track for which I make a Light Show after receiving my lights kit. I wanted something extreme, with lots of different part, to
really test the system to the limit and show to my self and to my collaborators how far this could go. I instantly thought about Ice Nine Kills, cause I saw them live last year, and it become one of my top band of 2023. Pure energy!

It was hard to find a playable track call all INK discography is quite advanced, but I found that some tracks have accessible bass line. Well, it is the most advanced song I can play at bass (and first bass cover on this channel!), and it was both extremely challenging to decypher (existing tabs are not accurate) and to learn. To push the project even further, I made a custom Chucky costume, just like in the official music video, as the killer doll is the subject of this song.

Few months later, we finally were able to shoot the video for this, and despite some complexity introduced by the light show (also, first of this kind on this channel), including the camera auto-focus troubles make-up not solid enough for my movement, and the fact the song is really hard to play it good enough, it was a really fun and great moment. I hope you will enjoy this tribute to INK as well!

More infos about our light show system.

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And basically all Welcome to Horror Wood / The Silver Screen collection. The music videos are really short movies, so fun!