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Welcome on ExtremRaym!

Voilà ! ExtremRaym, my personal website, is now hosting on a new server, with a .com domain 😀 An normal evolution, the previous one was powered by a free service (, and had some limitations that was a bit hard (no file larger than 2 Mb…).
But the real problem was with referencing.

ExtremRaym is now hosted on OVH, which is not too expensive, performant and French (easier for me for technical support :P). I already had an account for a domain name at OVH, I wanted to know if their hosting service was as good as people say.

The old website stays temporary online, in order to let time to the regular users that it moved !

In all case, remember that the RSS feed has changed ! 🙂

More articles very soon ! In few minutes, exactly 😛
Thanks to all, it’s for you that I make this site grow up 🙂