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JitBit Macro Recorder – Review

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Macros are awesome. Imagine you have to do really repetitive task on your computer. How frustrating it is to thing that a simple algorithm could do what you do automatically, effortless, leaving you time to focus on things for which your actions is what matter. If you don’t have the choice, you finally end up […]

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Understanding The Render Order In After Effects – Tutorial on AEtuts+

By the way, I applaud Raymond’s (the author’s) work in getting all of this information together. Todd Kopriva, product manager for professional video software at Adobe. After the publication of my Photoshop tutorial PSDtuts+, i decide to try something for AEtuts+ (aujourd’hui, CGItuts+), from Tuts+, dedicated to the visual effects/compositing software After Effects from the […]

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Colorize a Comic Strip With Photoshop – Tutorial on PSDtuts+

15 Jun 2010, my article Colorize a Comic Strip With Photoshop was published on the PSDtuts+ platform (now named DesignTuts+), a big platform for tutorials about multimedia (PSDtuts+ had 130 000followers at this time). Because every tutorials are evaluated before any publication, i’m proud to be one of the lucky guy who can see one […]