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Tutorial: Light Shows from REAPER with Custom JSFX

For my music related videos, I use static lighting, and do all brightness automation and color changes in post-production, at the video editing stage. I even coded an After Effects script to animate gamma in sync with the song tempo, for a new track by Friops. I also recently had to control lights for few […]

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REAPER for Audio-Video Post-Production with Vordio

Vordio is a software which allows to conform a video project exported in FCP 7 XML ou FCP 10 XML, from Final cut Pro, Premiere Pro, or DaVinci Resolve, into a REAPER project, the famous DAW that I presented several time on this website. REAPER advanced video support makes him very interesting for video post-production. […]

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ReaScript Video Tutorial — Part. 9: Preventing Bugs

This article is part 16 of 17 in the series ReaScript for Beginners

Scripts are powerful. But as Cockos developer’s Jeffos reminds me when I started: With great power comes great responsibility Uncle Ben, Spiderman What you will learn in this lesson is very important, for all people who make scripts for REAPER. In this video, you will see: that scripts can set invalid values to a project […]