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Colorize a Comic Strip With Photoshop – Tutorial on PSDtuts+


15 Jun 2010, my article Colorize a Comic Strip With Photoshop was published on the PSDtuts+ platform (now named DesignTuts+), a big platform for tutorials about multimedia (PSDtuts+ had 130 000followers at this time). Because every tutorials are evaluated before any publication, i’m proud to be one of the lucky guy who can see one of their article on that platform ! Moreover, i read so much articles on that website, i’m happy to have written something for the Envato Team in Return.

The article shows a one frame comic-strip, drawn par Mayla under my quick sketch, colorize by myself using custom scripts (elaborated during my comic-strip IFear. The results is not mind-blowing, but the speed to archive that clean results is quite fast, and is the main purpose of that tutorial : improve your photoshop velocity.

You can see the tutorial on the original platform:
PSDtuts+ Quick Tip: Colorize a Comic Strip With Photoshop