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Cyb3rDemon H8te (Doom-Like Metal Track) (Music Video)

When my friend Enny Harlan challenge me to make a DOOM game OST style track, I had to pause and think. Not only he is a highly trained composer, but DOOM OST is one serious piece of work with tons of ground breaking sound design ideas.
Though, how could I resist ?
Thanks to Albattor and SleepingMary’s encouragement, I started to try few things.

After few tests with regular guitars, and even a 6 string bass-guitar hybrid which was not that successful, I knew it was time for me to get an 8 string guitars to be able to get the right low guitar sound which was definitely needed to have a chance in this contest. Years after I initially noticed it, I finally got my Schecter Demon 8 guitar. At last.

The end results of this low tuning experimentation (EAEADGBE) is this track. Yes, it does not sound like Mick Gordon (who does?) but you should at least recognize some inspiration (mostly the Doom Eternal main theme and some others tracks brutal moments). Though I can’t help it, there is definitely some other sources of inspirations (like Slipknot on some drums parts, or Korn on some swells).

I did a lots of experimentation on the sounds for ambiences, guitars and bass, definitely one of my advanced track mix and metal composition. Even the video required me to learn and design new editing tricks!
In the end, it is more a personal track than a copy cat of something else, and it is surely best that way. 😎

Thanks to Enny Harlan for the challenge, which leads to lots of nice experimentation,
Thanks to SleepingMary who gave me precious feedback for various in-progress versions of the music and the video, and who shoot all the handled shots with her Sony 6600 and her new 50mm lens for most of them.
Thanks to MLD for the GoPro,
and Thanks also to Hengry and Friops for last feedback before release !

Main softwares:
– REAPER (Positive Bias, Mammoth, EZDrummer, Vital…)
– DaVinci Resolve (Ignite Pro)

And here is the result :

The track is also on SoundCloud:

PS : If you are curious, I also made a making-of !

Also, don’t miss Enny Harlan attempt on this challenge !

Enjoy !