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BadgeOS Bulk Actions Add-On

BadgeOS Bulk Actions
This plugin is still in early release phase. Please backup your user metadata before performing actions.


This BadgeOS add-on give the ability to give or revoke BadgeOS achievements and points to multiple users, using Roles, Capabilities, Checkboxes or CSV of usernames, by manually submitting a form.

This is especially useful if you want to use your gamification system to reward IRL activities, for eg. with classroom students, sports teams, collectivity, business company… It can be the bridge between your live group activities and your online platform.


This add-on can use groups of users created by third-party plugins.


  • Give points
  • Remove Points
  • Give Achievements
  • Revoke Achievements
  • Revoke Achievements entries that are not link to any achievement anymore
  • Revoke Achievements and Associated Points
  • Revoke all Achievement Instances
  • Repeat the action (up to 10 times)
  • Process all Users
  • Process by Roles
  • Process by Capabilities
  • Process by Checkboxes
  • Process by CSV of Usernames
  • BuddyPress Groups integration
  • Itthinx’s Groups integration
  • LearnDash Groups integration

And some ergonomics features:

  • Conditional Fields form for ease of use
  • Drag-checkable checkboxes
  • Global checkboxes
  • Sortable columns, thanks to DataTables
  • Pagination of long tables, thanks to DataTables
  • Searchable columns, thanks to DataTables



  • Coded with WordPress conventions and standards in mind.
  • Please always backup your database before using this. This add-on is powerful. It can modify data of all your hundreds of users. Any mistake could take a long time to correct. You can use User Meta Manager for this, it has simple to use users backup features.
  • Some requests can take time. Be patient!

Development Status

Early release phase. Customers during this phase have access to low priced license (see below).


0.9.5 (2016-09-13)



All licenses are valid for 1 year. This means that the add-on can be used during one year. You will benefit of updates during this period.