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BadgeOS Extra Features Add-On

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This plugin is still in beta. I send it for review to the BadgeOS team. Early adopters didn’t report any bug, but I will advice you to use it on a test installation first. And always make a database backup.


This BadgeOS Add-On is a compilation of useful function and code snippet I designed for websites using BadgeOS. It is meant to answer some old feature requests and to add some nice improvements in the Back-End. It is mostly used for displaying information, only one function write data in the user point database.


  • Add Achievements Count column in Users Page
  • Add Points Total column in Users Page
  • Add Log Entry for Achievement Removal
  • Add Earners list in Achievement Edit Page
  • Add Earners Count in Achievements Page
  • Add Steps Custom Post Type Menu Link
  • Add New Points Value in Achievement Edit Page (this update users points). Please always backup your database before using this. You can use User Meta Manager for this, it has simple to use users backup features.



  • Coded with WordPress conventions and standards in mind
  • Clean deactivation (all database options created by this plugin are deleted)

Development Status

No additional features planned for the moment.


0.9.1 (2016-09-13)

  • Change internal shop internal URL. It may required to manually download and re-upload the plugin.

0.9 (2015-11-02)

  • First release.


All licenses are valid for 1 year. This means that the add-on can be used during one year. You will benefit of updates during this period.