ReaScripts: Render Take Pack

This script pack is about rendering active take as new file. It works similarly to the native action Item: Render items to new take, but it it can works on the whole file section, or on a limited one (5 seconds per default), so you can still extend the items boundaries even post render. Default […]

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ReaScripts: Video Processor

A set of scripts to do various things with REAPER video processor feature. Here is how you can have regions names over the video: Note that it only works with user created preset. You can copy/save existing preset to make them accessible for the script. Miss a function? Let me know! By buying this product, […]

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ReaScript: Items Ripple Editing Scripts

Scripts pack for making advanced ripple editing (useful for Dialog editing). Works with the different ripple modes. Sponsored by andyp24 @Swift Audio Professional. This feature was requested by andyp24 on the thread Script Request for moving an item to end of previous – WITH RIPPLE (X-Raym?) This script is especially useful with custom actions. The […]