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ReaScripts Pack: Items Grouping 2

Few years ago, I released my first Items Grouping premium scripts pack. It has become one of my most popular REAPER related sets, showcased on reaperblog, and used by various video games studios and library makers around the world for Sound FX editing. Over the years, it has got various updates and new content, included […]

ReaScripts Pack: Items Randomization

This scripts pack is about items properties randomization. I actually get into ReaScript (thx to spk77!) because of items randomization featured needs. I since then shared quite some scripts related to randomization in my free pack, and there is also other scripters scripts available for common tasks. Nikola Lukic LKC Variator is the most promising […]

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ReaScripts Pack: Items Columns Properties Propagation

This pack is about propagate some items values from a reference tracks (track under mouse or first selected track if no track under mouse), to other items, by column. Not that items doesn’t need to be strictly aligned, “columns” is about the ID on selection per track (first selected item per tracks goes together, then […]

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ReaScripts Pack: Analyse selected audio items pitch

This pack contain a script designed to analyze “average” pitch of selected audio items in REAPER, and process the info to correct the offset (by changing rate or by doing a take pitch offset, which uses REAPER built-in pitch correction algorithm), and/or rename the item accordingly. The common virtual sampled-based instruments creation process involves editing […]

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ReaScripts: Multiply Gap Between Items

These scripts are meant to compress/expand (multiply) gaps between selected items by a certain percentage. These are especially useful in Podcast editing worfklow. This mimic Audacity compess silence feature, from the trim silence module. In REAPER, you can use it after the Auto-trim silence action. Thanks to Andrew Gelina for initial sponsor, and who has […]