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For a LearnDash LMS based website I manage, the admin needed to manually copy paste all notes from her classrooms in another software used by the high-school, and which doesn’t have import CSV/SpreadSheets/File functionality.

It was not very handy because when you display LearnDash Quiz Results, you have to do open a page manually for each users, and the results are not filtered: you have all attempts to all quiz.

It looks good, but you can’t filter the results, and copy pasting is not very easy at it requires to select with click and drag a lot of times. This table is nice and well adapted to a particular user progression in details, but a more efficient solution can be found to fit our particular needs.

The main issue was that the admin needed to have reports for all users of a classroom/groups. Reports per groups of users. So it required to first filter the student list by groups and then open a page for each one of them, and do the selection + copy pasting, taking care of the date, of the attempt index for the quiz etc. What a pain.

I came up with the idea of displaying students results per group on a single page, with results filtered to only display the attempt of a quiz (which is, in the vast majority of cases, the best score). And to make the copy pasting more easier, a simple click on a cell would copy the result. Also, I added filters to be able to only display the desired time range. This was a huge time saver, and more user-friendly.

To push the thing even further, I decided to add just a touch of DataVisualization, by including interactive bar charts below the tables.

I realized it could be useful to others, so I took two days to make it sharp and clean: it is now ready to be a premium add-on for LearnDash!

Let’s discover the feature and the look of the plugin.


  • Interactive Tables per Users with
    • Search filter
    • Sort by Quiz Name, Quiz Date, Last User Date, Score
    • Date filter (min and max)
  • Interactive Results Charts per User
  • Possibility to output several users table and charts at the same times with groups shortcode
  • CSV Export
  • Global copy button, or simply click on a cell to copy a value
  • Display only most recent quiz attempt for each quiz
  • Customizable chart with filter
  • Update from Dashboard



Because the LearnDash website I take care of is private, I can only show you screenshots, but it will give you an pretty nice preview of what you can achieve with this add-on already.

Here is how groups shortcode are rendered. It is basically like a succession of single user shortcodes, but with one global date filter for the whole groups.
Here are the different interactions possible.



Display a single user quiz results table


Attribute Type Default Requirement Action
id integer Current User ID Optional Choose a user ID.

Display a group of users quiz results table


Attribute Type Default Requirement Action Other Values
id integer 1 Required Choose a group ID
type string "learndash" Optional Choose what kind of groups you want to display "groups" for itthinx Groups, "all" for all.



This can allow you to add more parameter as data attribute for the tables, especially for rendering the graph. See HighchartTable plugin doc for the possible argument. Use this filter if you want to change the chart display.


  • Coded with WordPress conventions and standards in mind.
  • Clean deactivation and uninstall process.
  • Minimal default styles for better integration in your theme.

Development Status

No new features planned at this time. The plugin already satisfy more than what I initially needed.

Some customization ability (hooks, shortcodes attributes, plugin compatibility) can be suggested by users. Advanced customization/update may require custom development contract.

Maybe I would add average/median notes per groups at some points, as it can allows the users to see how well perform the others.


v1.0.2 (2017-04-28)

  • Bug Fix
  • All groups type attribute

v1.0.1 (2017-04-28)

  • New translation strings

v1.0 (2017-01-31)

  • Initial release


License are valid 365 days, from purchase date.

  • 1 site, for individuals or students

  • 3 sites, for business company

  • 5 sites, for business company

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    Amazing Plugin!! And the support is just neat!

    • Thank you very much for your review ! Enjoy the plugin 😛