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ReaScript: MIDI Notes Velocity Accents Metric Pattern GUI


Handling velocity accents over long sequences of notes can be tedious, especially if we want to try few different patterns.

This script aims to help on this task, by providing a nice GUI to help you set accent to your selected notes velocities in REAPER MIDI Editor.


The pattern is metric based. So it consider the position of the notes in the measure to apply velocity.

Velocity can be set (mode: absolute), or offset (mode: relative).

Simply chose a number of steps and a precision of division (for eg, if you want 1/8 interval on 4/4 measure, you chose 8 steps for a 4 division). For each steps, a velocity value is associated, and can be changed by the user.
The note considered could be only those on grid lines (mode: strict) or it can round the position of the note to determine the closest step (mode: round).

You can left/right click on every button to have some input box, or you can use mousewheel for quick adjustments.

Then, you can save presets of your most common settings.

A random button can help you find creative and original pattern.

Have fun!



Release Version

Prototype Version

The version below was just the concept demonstration, the actual scripts as way more control and smoother way to set inputs values, though as it has audio demo, it can still be useful to show in context how the script can make your track sound (in this case, a drum track).


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