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ReaScripts Pack: Explode-Implode Items Takes/Channels


This sets of scripts allow you to explode items based on their takes or source channels number, in more advanced ways than the native actions, grouping new items, avoiding necessary child track creation etc… It also have few scripts to implode items back into takes.

Despite their apparent simplicity, they use complex logic algorithm to optimize the performance of the operations.

Pack Content


Explode selected items active take channels on child tracks non-destructively

Contrary to the native action, this one doesn’t need to render files, and is so way more efficient and flexible.

Explode selected items active take channels on tracks below

Very handy if you have already your tracks setup as desired.

Explode selected items takes on child tracks non-destructively

Despite it is can be used in a variety of projects, this script can be particularly useful with field recorder multi-mics recording using the iXML marching workflow.

This script has the advantage of not creating unnecessary child tracks if you run it on different items on the same track. Also it groups takes, which is more handy than the native version.

Explode selected items takes on tracks below

Simple but effective way to explode items. It only create new tracks if it is necessary.

Implode selected items across tracks into takes preserving length (New: 2023-10-20)

The native action Take: Implode items across tracks into takes truncates only keep duration of first items, truncated length of the one below. This one keep min and max length. Consider toggling Item Section if you dont want items audio content section to be extended.

Implode items across tracks, preserving min and max duration of each column of items.

Map selected items takes channels sequentially (New: 2023-10-20)

This script aims to map each take of an item to a different channel. It also increment track channel accordingly if needed, and set the item as Play all takes.

This can be useful to re-collapse into one single item several items coming from a multi-channel audio source exploded into different takes.

Can also be useful to make one item from a multi-track recording.

This mimics the way Pro Tools re-implode channels.

It uses the native JS: Channel Mapper for mapping, so it’s more advanced than the action Xenakios/SWS: Implode items to takes and pan symmetrically which only works well for stereo.

You can use it within a custom action with your favorite Implode items into takes function.

Map each takes of items to different channel.


After purchase, just log into the website, to check the detailed installation instructions here, or on the dedicated Purchase Confirmation page. This pack can be installed and updated from REAPER thanks to the free ReaPack extension, via a custom repository link related to your licence, or via regular Zip download. License are valid lifetime. You will be able to enjoy updates and new scripts added to the pack.

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