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ReaScripts: Export Project to HTML and CSV Pack


Having the possibility to export a REAPER project to HTML page or a CSV table can be helpful in a lot of different situations;

  • Samples libraries file list
  • Time coded notes instructions for music composer
  • Event lists for sound design
  • Reference setting for transposing some settings to another DAW…
  • etc..

That’s why I built two scripts, one for tracks, one for items, which are able to export some of these objects proprieties.


All Version

  • Two versions: one for item, one for track
  • Works on all objects if none are selected, or just on those who are selected if some are
  • Export in project folder, with dedicated JavaScript and CSS style file
  • Filterable Table
  • Sortable Table
  • Customable Table Order
  • Toggle Column Visibility
  • Possibility
  • Export to CSV
  • Adaptive text color of Cell with background colors
  • Fixed Header at top and Fixed Footer
  • Responsive
  • HTML 5 / CSS3
  • UTF-8 character support
  • Open Source

Item Version Rows

  • Index
  • Track IDX
  • Track Name
  • Source
  • Active Take Name
  • Pos
  • Length
  • End
  • Notes
  • Color (Hex)
  • Status

What could have been added: metadata infos, volume/gain infos, other take infos (rate, pitch offset etc…)…

Track Version Rows

  • Track ID
  • Track Name
  • Track Mute
  • FX IDX
  • FX Name
  • FX State
  • FX Preset Name
  • Param IDX
  • Param Name
  • Param Value

What could have been added: Solo/Recording state, volume, pan, etc…


DataTables jQuery libraries used to build the table are loaded from online server CDN, for easier maintenance. You then need an online connection to have all the table features. This may change in the future according to customers usage.


The HTML export (track version)
The HTML export (track version)

Mods and Customizations

Due to all the possible parameters that can be output, and all the different ways to format them, I tried to made the most flexible table, but I can’t guarantee that all infos will be displayed as you’d like. Flexibility doesn’t have to come with the cost of having 100 parameters for each table, so I like to keep them as simple as possible, with commonly useful parameters only.

Because the scripts are open source, feel free to copy them and modify it to fit your needs.

Or, you can consider contacting me for development services, to see if I can code your own custom version. Don’t hesitate to contact me before purchase to evaluate if what you want is possible, Of course, custom versions would be a bit more expensive than this public one as it needs extra dedicated work. I don’t offer extra custom free development with this package.


With tool like PDF creator, you an even convert the HTML page to PDF!

You can also import CSV table into spreadsheet editor like Excel, LibreOffice Calc, Google Sheets etc…

Pack Content


After purchase, just log into the website, to check the detailed installation instructions here, or on the dedicated Purchase Confirmation page. This pack can be installed and updated from REAPER thanks to the free ReaPack extension, via a custom repository link related to your licence, or via regular Zip download. License are valid lifetime. You will be able to enjoy updates and new scripts added to the pack.



By buying this product, you are supporting my free scripting. Thanks!


  • Personnal use, you are an individual, a student, or a non-profit organization, and you will not use this pack on commercial projects.

  • Your work for a small business company or commercial projects.

  • You are a big business company with a team of more than 5 people.