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ReaScripts: Import items and regions from CSV


The following script has been developed to import items and regions from a CSV file.

Here is a sample of the tabulation delimited CSV. Check the data formatting. (Headers can be changed).

Position Position Relative Length (Secs) Name
00:00,0 0 5 cue1
00:05,0 0 3 cue2
00:18,0 10 8 cue3
00:46,0 20 4 cue4
01:00,0 10 2 cue5
01:17,0 15 5 cue6
01:42,0 20 5 cue7
02:02,0 15 1 cue8

This time format can be moded.

Pack Content

  • X-Raym_Import items and regions from CSV.lua


The script in action.


  • Put your CSV in the same folder as your desired items
  • Actual extension is ‘.wav’, but it can be modded by editing the script
  • Actual limitations: doesn’t work with 1:0:0,0 time of format for more than 1 hour marker.


You can mod this script by duplicating and renaming it.

Then, edit the the user config area in the top of the file. Here are easily customizable value:

-- USER CONFIG AREA -----------------------------------------------------------
-- Duplicate and Rename the script if you want to modify this.
-- Else, a script update will erase your mods.

console = true -- true/false: display debug messages in the console
sep = "\t" -- default sep
file_extension = 'wav'

col_pos = 1 -- Position column index in the CSV
col_len = 3 -- Length column index in the CSV
col_name = 4 -- Name column index in the CSV

create_regions = true -- Create regions
create_items = true -- Create items

------------------------------------------------------- END OF USER CONFIG AREA



After purchase, installation instructions will be provided here and on the dedicated Purchase Confirmation page. License are valid lifetime. You will be able to enjoy updates and new scripts added to the pack.


  • Personnal use, you are an individual, a student, or a non-profit organization, and you will not use this pack on commercial projects.

  • Your work for a individual or small business company, you will work on commercial projects, and you want to share the pack to your team.

  • You are a big business company with a team of more than 5 people.

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