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ReaScripts: Item Selection Pack


This script pack is a set of scripts involving items selection.

Pack Content


Set item selection from imported txt list of source files

List file is formatted this as 1 single column, without path and extension. Just file name.

Useful for quickly spotting items which need adjustments.

Select items inside other items on the same track

This let you spot short overlapping items (usually undesired, and which can be problematic if you make project conversion from one software to another, typically, audio post-production for video). You can then delete it, for eg.

Made for Michael @ATTranslator.

Filter selected items by length

A script to select items under or over a certain length, or both.

Multi-unit, min and max length… This let you spot too shorts or too long items easily.

Made for Mike @Soundiron.

Select all items with non-normal active take channel mode


Made for Vijay @The AudioVille.

Select all items with reversed active take


Made for Vijay @The AudioVille.

Select all looped items


Made for Vijay @The AudioVille.

Unselect video items


Made for Vijay @The AudioVille.

Unselect locked items


Select all items with inactive take FX and unselect the others

Can be useful to inspect items and free some RAM by passing FX.

Select items by active take name input

A simple popup to let you find items by take name.

Select items with same source as selected items

In the demo, one color for each sources.

Select items adjacent to or overlapping selected items (NEW: 2020-12-08)

This script handle complex cases (enclosed adjacent items) with minimal CPU usage (which required advanced tricks to achieve).

Unselect items inside regions (NEW: 2022-05-22)

Handy to spot and remove items outside regions to clean your projects. Just run the Select all items action before running the script (usually, CTRL/CMD + A).

Select items inside regions (NEW)

Select items inside regions.


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Cockos Forum Link: Scripts: Items Selection (Various)

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