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ReaScripts: Items Grouping Pack

Update 2020-07-01: 1 new scripts added to the pack!

Update 2020-09-19: Just released a new ReaScripts Pack: Items Grouping 2

This new pack is a new workflow proposal without any text itemsn which promises to be more simple (less actions to consider). Though, scripts there are still relevant in various contexts!


This scripts pack provide actions related to items grouping for REAPER.

They can be especially useful in video game/video post production sound design, when you timeline is filled with “group of items” delimited by regions (for rendering), but some of these scripts can fit any workflows as well.

Please note that most of my items grouping related functions are actually shared for free. This extra features may be dedicated to a more restrictive audience.

Product Content

By purchasing this product, you will get these scripts:


Set selected items start and end according to min and max position of other items in their groups

This is way to update empty items linked to a group, when regions are created from text items thanks to Heda’s Text Items to Regions script.

Set selected items color to most represented color of their group

Group selected items by active take name or item notes for text items

2018-10-03: New script added to the pack !

Group item by names or by notes.

Explode selected items on tracks below by groups (new)

Very useful in combination with the script below.

Move selected items to first item position in their group (new)

I personally use this scripts to align multiple voice audio takes for audio fiction workflow.

Snap selected items to region or marker with same name as their active take (groups) (new)

A way to snap positions of items groups to a marker or region with same name.

Trim first and last items in group to first and last transient (new)

Very useful for audio editing, and dialog editing in particular. A customizable offset is set from these transient (default is 0.1s).

Set text items notes to first take name in their groups (new)

Very useful to name your text items like your audio items of same groups.

Adjust length and position of regions according to visible items groups (new)

This works with region names matching first take names.

Group selected items by notes

Just like above but with just item notes.

Group selected items by their current region (New 2020-07-01)

Very useful in sample editing.


This pack can be installed and auto-updated with the free ReaPack REAPER extension with a custom link related to your licence, or via regular Zip download. After purchase, detailed installation instructions will be provided here and on the dedicated Purchase Confirmation page. License are valid lifetime. You will be able to enjoy updates and new scripts added to the pack.


  1. Cockos Forum Thread: Script (Lua): Shuffle Items, for other demos of items grouping related scripts, from my free pack.


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Plus, your article/video could be linked on this page, showing your work to everyone interested in this script!


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