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ReaScripts Pack: Items Randomization


This scripts pack is about items properties randomization.

I actually get into ReaScript (thx to spk77!) because of items randomization featured needs. I since then shared quite some scripts related to randomization in my free pack, and there is also other scripters scripts available for common tasks. Nikola Lukic LKC Variator is the most promising script about randomization, though there is some special cases it doesn’t handle. There is always room for custom scripts! So this is the purpose of this pack: randomization scripts which aren’t already available elsewhere.

For the moment the pack contains only script, but if I make some related scripts, I’ll push them in the pack, free updates for those who already purchased it, and I’ll adjust the price pack according to the number of script it has. Take it fast! 😛



Randomize selected takes pitch by rate offset

The output value will be between the min and max value, which allows a bit of control on the randomization.

Split selected items randomly according to min and max section length value

Split with minimum and maximum section length, deleting last too short item if needed. Also support other units than seconds.
Update 2021-19-12: now multi units including item percentage section length.

Shuffle selected items vertically to selected tracks (2022-04-06)

By default, it prevents a track to be chosen as destination two times in a row, but this can be deactivated.


After purchase, just log into the website, to check the detailed installation instructions here, or on the dedicated Purchase Confirmation page. This pack can be installed and updated from REAPER thanks to the free ReaPack extension, via a custom repository link related to your licence, or via regular Zip download. License are valid lifetime. You will be able to enjoy updates and new scripts added to the pack.

Feature Requests

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