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ReaScripts Pack: Take Source Filenames Processing


A set of scripts to allow you to rename source files of a take selection.

Early Release Phase: Please test it first on simple projects before big ones to see if it goes as expected.

Pack Content


Rename selected takes source file with takes name if possible

Very useful in combination with item name/label processor, like my Advanced Renamers.

This scripts handle a lot of corner cases like items sharing same source, takes not active etc…

Quickly rename a lot of files.

Contrary to the SWS/Xenakios version, this run without having one popup per selected items, which is handy for batch processing.

Rename selected takes source file name according to take name in the limit of 32 characters and with 001 counter

It is a very complex script.

Handy to rename long source file name and delete unnecessary REAPER suffixes.

Set take source file names from CSV based on GUID

The above scripts create a backup reference file CSV. Use this script to restore take names source to their original name, if you need to undo the renaming made with the above scripts.

This works globally on the project based on Take identifier. It will not work with new takes.

To avoid necessary backup files, you will only get one. It will be replaced by newer version if you re-run the actions above.

This backup restoration script also updates the backup file.

A way to restore original active takes files.

Glue selected items (preserving first selected item original source file name)

With this script you can make an edit or even glue several items together and propagate the newly created items to all other items sharing same source.

You can use native actions like Item: Set item start/end to source media start/end and Item: Propagate to all similarly-named items after glueing if needed.

It works with time selection as well (a way to extend an item source edges).

Note: it hasn’t been tested on multi tracks selection.

Handy way to make an edit and propagate it to all other items sharing same first source.

Rename or move selected takes source file (file name and path processor) (2022-05-18)

Rename or move selected takes source file via render window (file name and path processor) (2022-05-18)

This script allows to batch process item source file path. The second one use the render window field to evaluate wildcards (set the render window to Selected Items first), so it has no popup but more wildcards are supported.

Demo of the script using the popup version with rename source file by adding track name as prefix, and item number as suffix. You can optionally run the action Item: Set item name from active take filename just after.

For the regular version, here is a non exhaustive list of the wildcards:

  • $relative = current object folder
  • $proj = current project folder
  • $item = item active take name
  • $itemnumber = item number on tracks
  • $track = item track name

Rename selected takes source file with track name as file folder (2022-05-18)

Useful to put files into folders rather than having all them at /Audio folder root.

A nice way to reorganize your audio files.

Search and replace selected in items source file names association

This script allows to search for a pattern/word in selected audio items source file path and replace by another, without altering original files, and loading the files associated to the new file path instead if they exist. For eg, you can replace Guitar by Flute in a set of items for which source files was named like “Guitar-01.wav”, loading “Flute-01.wav” files instead.

Here is an exemple replacing “Key” by “Bass”. See how the “Bass” file has been loaded.


This pack can be installed and auto-updated with the free ReaPack REAPER extension with a custom link related to your licence, or via regular Zip download. After purchase, detailed installation instructions will be provided here and on the dedicated Purchase Confirmation page. License are valid lifetime. You will be able to enjoy updates and new scripts added to the pack.

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