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ReaScripts: Video Processor (New: Video Subtitles Track in REAPER)


A set of scripts to do various things with REAPER video processor feature.

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Set first selected track item notes in gmem for video processor

This script allows you to have subtitles tracks made from text items, displayed right in the Video window.

Subtitle from text items in the REAPER Video window.

The script run in background and is a workaround for the lack of “item_notes” variable in native Video Processor. It is not as efficient as this would be but it works good enough. It requires REAPER v6.71 to work.

It works with a free video processor preset elaborated by the REAPER forum community (Fabian for the multiline part, cfillion for gmem, I for putting all that together with variables) that you can download here. Just copy paste it in your Video Processor FX window and CTRL/CMD+S to apply it! You can then save it as a reusable preset as well.
Then just run the script while having a track selected. Text of items under edit cursor (or play cursor if play) will be pushed to the video processor.

The main advantage of the gmem workflow relies in the fact that you only need one Video Processor instance, and not one per item, so really quick to adjust display of all subtitles, and way smaller .rpp size. Gmem is just the name of a shared memory which can be used between ReaScripts and Video Processor (among other things), so it used to push info from the script to the video processor.

Add videos processor to selected items and Set text from regions

This is the previous workflow proposal to have subtitles in reaper video window, before the release of gmem script showcased above. Though, it can still be useful in some cases so I leave these scripts in the pack. Read the gmem script doc above to see its advantages.

Here is how you can have regions names over the video:

Region name over the video.

Note that it only works with user created preset. You can copy/save existing preset to make them accessible for the script.

User Input (new 2020-12-14)

The set text from region script has been extended to support more wildcards and have a user input, compatible with presets file.

The result is a new script : X-Raym_Set selected items video processor text to user input.lua.

More advanced text processor for video FX.

Available wildcards are explain in script header. Here is a recam:

-- $item, $name, $itemnumber, $track, $tracknumber, $notes, $project. Write \n for line break.

For even more advanced renaming, you can consider using my advanced item renamer instead.


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