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Guitar Cover: Erlen Meyer – Enfer Forgé

“Silence. Cathédrale. Il n’y a plus âme qui vive. Tout semblait… paisible.”

One take multicam live recording, unedited audio.
Tuning: Drop A#

Original track come from Erlen Meyer’s 2nd album Sang et Or (2019):


Thanks for your help!

Erlen Meyer is an independent french metal band from early 2010’s. Its style is characterized by obsessing melodies, dissonant chords, almost continuous 16th notes pattern for the rhythmic guitar, and screamed dark mystical poetry with lots of distortion, giving a very heavy, dark, uneasy and oppressive ambiance in all their tracks.

I tried to transpose the lyrics but it is way too hard to understand on this track which is all about the ambience. Guitar parts were quite hard to decode as well because of the different layers, hopefully I came close enough to sounds in tune with the song.

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