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Cartoon Library for Charity – Our First Public Field Recording Slack Collbab

Few months ago, I get invited by Aaron Brown to join the Field Recording Slack group chat. It is an amazing friendly place with lots of people recording sounds every day and willing to share tricks, knowledge, experiences and sounds.

I spend quite some times in it, and one of the most exiting things we do out there is crowdsource sound library. Someone pick a theme, and for some period of time (usually one month), every member is invited to record sounds for the library. At the end, everyone who participated get the whole pack. And beware… It is rarely less than 1000 sounds and 30 gigas of files, all excellent professional quality, often recorded with some of the best microphones! An amazing place, I told you!

This months for the first time, from the impulsion of Kai Paquin we collectively decided to share one of our library to the world : the Cartoon Sounds library. And even better, we choose to do it for charity!

We didn’t took time to create a website for this, so I let you check the details below in social media initial posts, and contact Kai Paquin if you want to support us in this adventure… and get 1000+ nice cartoons sounds! Hurry, it is time limited!! 🙂

Cheers !

As a bonus, here is a video taken by marie_bnr for a sound I recorded for this library:

Thanks everyone for supporting this project, and the charity which are associated to it! 🙂

PS : Nathan Smith, one of the most prolific sound recordist of this library, made a video about his recording sessions as well!

Very inspiring ! 🙂