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Friops – Dying Dreams (Album Mixing and Mastering)

I want to dedicated my work on this project to Marie. Your love and support have been indispensable to my life for years. I loved you just as much and you meant the world to me.
If only you knew how much the lyrics and emotion of this album resonate with me, now that you are gone… I hope it will be fine for you. I miss you so much.

The Project

Over the year and especially the past weeks, I have been collaborated with my little brother Friops for his home produced first and solo album Dying Dreams. The style is some kind of melancolic nu metal inspired mostly by Korn for the low tuned guitar riffs, and Love and Death / Brian Head for the melodic aspect of the vocal lines (it is mostly clean vocals, screams are only there on certain meaningful occasions, so no need to be an hardcore headbanger to listen to it).

He composed and recorded himself for guitar, bass and vocals in his room, made a part of the mix, and I then helped him push the project further, in order to make the tracks sound more punchy and polished, more “professional”, showing him lots of mixing and producing stuffs on the way, but always under his supervision to be sure my proposals match his aesthetics taste. It was real collaboration involving lots of days of works together, listening to the tracks over and over.

The song lyrics are about broken love, loneliness, sadness, but some tracks are about other personal subjects, like misophony. Because these lyrics are very important to us, we made lyrics videos for each tracks. Henri help us for the shooting.

The Process

We used REAPER audio recording and mixing software for the whole process. As always, I made several ReaScripts to enhance some parts of our workflow, mostly on stems rendering part to overcome some bugs we found in plugins we relied on, but also on the lyrics syncing part. We then used After Effects for text insertion in the video, thanks to its scripting capabilities.

I myself learned a lot during the whole process (I never mixed so ambitious musical album, with 12 of complex songs involving dozens of tracks each), so it was an privilege for me to be able to bring my contribution. The Nail the Mix sessions I did during the spring clearly helped me have a consistent and satisfying workflow, so I was eager to have an interesting project to apply it on a personal project.

I don’t feel talking about technique too much here and now so let’s go directly to the music.

The Album

You can listen to the project on various platforms, via the dedicated YouTube Playlist, Deezer, Spotify, SoundCloud and on other platforms like Apple Music etc…

If you had only one track to listen, my favorite would be among From Pain We Rise, I’ll Always be Your Friend, or maybe Show Me How to Die, or even Noises… hard to pick one. It is up to you!

I hope you will enjoy listening to our music. It will meant a lot to both of us.

YouTube Lyrics Video

We made a playlist for the album, so you can listen to the track in order, while reading the lyrics. 🤘


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The Outro

I may speak more later about creative and technical aspects of the project, but for the moment… we want to hear from you!

Please give your feedback, and If you liked what you hear, subscribe to the various Friops accounts on social medias and share the album (share the YouYube Playlist link if you have only one link to choose)! As this was made in total independence, and as we may be a bit introvert, any help on the diffusion will for sure be extremely helpful.

Thanks again for your time and attention, especially in these difficult time for me. I was so impatient for this project to finally come out. It is time for me to rest and think about what can be next in my life to get back on tracks and get the necessary help.

See you later, when things will get better at personal level.

It’s a wonderful world
But it’s like Hell to me
Falling into pieces
I’m living up a nightmare
No shoulder to cry on
Except my shadow’s one

Friops, Show Me How to Die