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Guitar Cover: Infected Rain – Realm of Chaos

“Bullied into submission. Gaslighted into self-destruction. Doomed to walk this cursed land. Like a lost lamb in a wolf stand.”

One take multicam live recording, unedited audio.
Tuning: Drop A

Original track (featuring Heidi Shepherd from Butcher Babies) come from Infected Rain’s 5th album Ecdysis (2022):


Thanks for your help!

Infected Rain is a late 2000’s nu-metal band from Moldavia, particularly active these recently, with three albums in 5 years and a quite high amount of associated music videos and tours. With her mastery of fry vocal and her ability to alternate between screams and clean techniques flawlessly, lead singer Lena Scissorhands has become a reference in modern metal singing, and appears in a lot of other projects.

About this track, the main difficulties were the numerous time signature changes, the middle breakdown, and some guitar techniques I don’t do that well yet (some pinched harmonics and pick slides), but the overall groove make it very satisfying to perform.

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@Infected Rain: Thx for the great show at La Clef Saint-Germain!