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Live-Interview for Geeking Out with REAPER Legends by IDDQDSound


Yesterday I was part of a live YouTube interview on IDDQDSound channel, as part of the Geeking Out with REAPER Legends series, following Justin and Schwa from Cockos and Kenny Gioia in previous weeks. During the stream, I answered questions about my journey into coding and mostly ReaScripting. Most questions are generalists, but because Arya and Leandro have coding knowledge, we sometimes speak about code, which was quite fun, but chapters are available on YouTube if you want to go directly to other type questions! 😋

We announced the live streaming only few minutes before going live because of technical issues. I had prepared a new ReaComics strip just for this special event:

Hope you will find this long video interesting, and many thanks to Arya and Leandro for the chat!

Cheers ! 🤘