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Guitar Cover: Jinjer – Restrospection

“I retraced my steps to fall back into my nest. In a minute, eyes are closed. Just to feel where I’m supposed to be.”

One take live recording, no editing.

Original track come from Jinjer’s third album Macro (2019):


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Jinjer is an Ukranian metal band from late 2000’s. Jinjer music is characterized by a huge diversity of musical influence, from metal to reggae, with some jazz and progressive rock touches, and the powerful voice of singer Tatiana. Members of Jinjer’s had to quit their native region, Donetsk, when it became a conflict area with military operation in mid 2010’s. This song, Retrospection, speak about the feeling of wanting to go back home to see their family.
Since Ukrain Russian invasion on February 2022, the band is on pause in order to focus on victims of war assistance, as explained by a video of the guitarist, located in Kyiv.

Peace logo on the video has been re-made from Jinjer “Peace to Ukraine” anti-war merch campaign. All proceeds go to charity supporting Ukraine:
You can also consider donation to support people in Ukrain to main NGO’s: