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Guitar Cover: Korn – Good God

“I wish so bad right now I hadn’t let you in”

One take live video recording. Because it was pretty hard to reach the high string while moving with one single light source in the dark, the first part of the song audio is a comping between 3 takes, no re-timing, but everything else is sound from the performance only, no edit.
Tuning: Drop A

Original track comes from Korn’s 2nd album, Life is Peachy (1996).


Thx Coco for the attic, and Yann for the editing assistance!

Korn is an American nu-metal band from early 90’s, still active to this day, with 14 studio albums. It is considered as pioneer of this modern metal sub genre, with its rich sounds exploration, starting with 7 strings guitars in A for powerful low-tuned riffing, percussive slap bass, distorted guitar leads and unique emotional vocals, going from murmure, to singing, screaming, crying and even some kind of rageful scat. Lyrics, written by the singer Jonathan Davis, are deeply personal, speaking about his traumatic life events, dark fantasies, cathartic needs and psychological suffering.

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