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Lifetime License Extension on my REAPER Premium Scripts Packs for Everyone

Hi everyone !

For my REAPER premium ReaScripts,
I initially set the license limit to 365 days, when I started to distribute them through Reapack almost one year ago.

I just changed that. Now, licenses are lifetime valid. No time limitation.
Maybe some future scripts will need one, but it is not the case for the moment.

The thing is that my scripts packs doesn’t need/have a lot of updates (I tend to create new packs for new scripts) or support (they are pretty straightforward to use), so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have a limit, and having to pay for potential small bug fixes and optimization which may occurs more than one year after the purchase doesn’t really worth it from a user point of view.

That’s why I deleted this license time limit, for previous and future customers.

You will be able to get scripts packs updates (if your scripts pack uses Reapack) if they get updated.

I will have to rely on other things than recurring payments for sustaining my business. But that’s another story, and it may not involves Reascript.

Please, don’t hesitate to make an extra donation for my free scripts shared to everyone, or to purchase other packs, or just to speak about my work around you 😛

I hope you still enjoy my scripts for your professional or casual projects,

Cheers !