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Guitar Cover: Limp Bizkit – Full Nelson

“Does anybody really know a thing about me?”

One take live video recording. Most of the guitar audio is from the recording without retiming, but some parts have been remade in post because it’s pretty difficult to play outside in the cold winter.
Tuning: Drop F#

Original track comes from Limp Bizkit’s 3rd album, Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water (2000).


Limp Bizkit is a late 90’s American Band, in the front line of the Nu Metal scene of this era. Their music is a pretty unique mix of hip hop and metal, from rap to scream by the lead singer Fred Durst, and from crazy sounds to huge groovy riffs by the guitarist Wes Borland.

Indeed, for this song, Wes actually use a custom made 4 strings guitars, which among some other fancy stuffs, has 2 bass strings as lower strings, which sounds pretty huge.

We had to film this in a skatepark with a red cap as this is pretty iconic of Limp Bizkit style. We had to do 2 recording sessions, as the first one was pretty unsuccessful because of batteries dying way too early (it was cold), and because of too many failed attempts to jump to/from the quarters.

Many thanks for Hengry & Friops for their patience and their motivation to work on this project!

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