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JitBit Macro Recorder – Review


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Macros are awesome.

Imagine you have to do really repetitive task on your computer. How frustrating it is to thing that a simple algorithm could do what you do automatically, effortless, leaving you time to focus on things for which your actions is what matter. If you don’t have the choice, you finally end up to roll up your sleeves, and do the boring work with courage, manually. If you are lucky, someone else decided to help you. More often, you end up doing nothing, saying that it is impossible or that your have not time for this.

It where macros drive to help you.

Macros are a way to record and program a series actions that can be performed when you want, in general via planning schedule or keyboard shortcut.

The things is… i tested a lot a macros softwares. The majority of them were not supported anymore, and distributed on old website with poor documentation.

And suddenly, i found it. On a beautiful modern website, the ultimate macro software.

Macro Recorder from Jitbit Helpdesk

Keyboards action, Mouse movements, Delays command, Repeat X Times blocks… and above all of this, a clear user-friendly interface. This is a software that can changed the common vision about macros. It’s not anymore an hard geeky thing for person who waste their time trying to save few minutes, but an accessible way to really increase the speed of repetitive workflows.

I don’t use a percent of the power of Macro Recorder, but I can assure that is already enough to save me precious time. I Already programmed macros that drastically improve my workflow. Things that appears to me as unreasonably long to do now appears achievable… in few seconds. I can’t wait to write a tutorial about this 😀

Except the one year upgrades/updates system – If you have approximately 300 softwares, as i do, you can surely consider that it would be a bit painful if all softwares had limited in time updates -, the business model is quite cool. The paid version of the software is definitely too expensive for an individual (50$ Full version, 30$ Lite – with no Repeat X Times blocks 🙁 ), but you can have for free with TrialPlay partnership, or if you writte a review of it on your blog, which is, I think, a very nice concept 😛

It’s with pleasure that I made this review!
I would have make one anyway 😛

Macro Recorder is awesome.