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MixWave Spiritbox Riff Contest (Music Video)

⭐This my my entry to #MixWaveSpiritbox Mike Stringer Riff Contest!

Many thanks to the collaborators who helped me made this possible, and who stayed motivated despite the cold and rain!

Checkout Friops entry as well, huge metalcore riffs!

The concept of this contest is simple: candidates had to choose between 3 provided drum tracks and make some metal guitar riffs in a video, using Spiritbox guitarist Mike Stringer virtual amp plugin made by MixWave. It’s kinda both a guitar composition, guitar practice and mixing contest at the same time. Mike Stringer is in the jury, which is especially stimulating!
(The contest is initially on Instagram but I got confirmation from support YouTube will count as well. )

I used drum track n°3 for its huge syncopated sound, and starting to compose patterns following the guitar, adding complexity in the melodic accents, arrangement and sound effects.
The guitar part end up being quite challenging to learn to play: it took me about one week to be able to play it in one shot, and be ready for shooting the video! Considering the song is less than 1 minute, you can imagine how many times I played it. ReaTab Hero REAPER scripts helped a lot, and I even made some advanced update to it to work on this project.

The mix went extremely well, thx to MixWave Spiritbox plugin being one of the best (if not THE best) sounding hi-gain guitar plugin on low tuning. I used at least 7 instances of the plugin for all guitar sounds and layers, barely tweaking the presets, except toggling on/off some FX pedals. The sounds is just so massive. Banger!

I wanted to shoot the video outside at night, as I think it’s cool. A good occasion to try my light kit outside for the first time.
We shoot the video this passed night, in a very cold night, after a very rainy day, which adds another layer of complexity to the project. All video editing had to be done this day… to be able to release it only a couple of hours before the end of the contest!

Good luck to every participant!

Main gear:

  • Guitar: Schecter Demon 8 in drop E (low)
  • Bass: Schecter Stiletto Stealth-5 SBK
  • Guitar Amp Plugin: MixWave Spiritbox
  • DAW (recording, editing, mixing): REAPER

Light show made in REAPER thx to custom plugins I coded.

New projects coming soon!