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My Free REAPER Scripts Pack

X-Raym Git Hub


This page has for purpose to list all the scripts I’ve written for Cockos REAPER. As bonus, there is also listed scripts I host on my account, but who are written by other authors. In details, you will see:

  • Scripts I wrote
  • Scripts that has been written for me
  • Scripts I modified (mods)
  • Scripts needed for other scripts on my repository

Scripts Showcase

You surely find this page after a particular research/request, but if you have no idea what cool are in my scripts pack, here is a list of forum threads my more appreciated work, with screenshots and instructions:

My work in scripting involves almost every aspects of REAPER (MIDI, FX, Color, Regions, Item Properties, Tempo…), be sure to take a close look at the pack content, every actions may become your next indispensable action in your workflow ! 🙂


Update 2016-06-11: My repository is now linked natively in the ReaPack REAPER extension, the free scripts/packages download manager made by cfillion. This means that you don’t need to download and install the scripts manually anymore, you can simply use ReaPack to batch download all scripts or scripts of your choice right from REAPER! More, you will get auto-update each time your synchronize packages!
Old Installation Process

You can download the whole collection from the button below:

Download “X-Raym ReaScripts Collection” – Downloaded 15492 times –

I advice you to extract this archive in your REAPER Scripts directory, so that scripts will be included in your configZip if make export of your settings. But you can extract it anywhere you want.

To load a script in REAPER, simply open the Actions List Window, and look for ReaScript: New/Load for v4 or ReaScript: Load for v5. load scripts Be sure that you have the required version of REAPER and SWS extensions to make it work!

To update a script, simply copy/paste the new file over the older.

Scripts Requests and Bug Reports

If you have any issues, pull-requests, or feature requests, you can contact me on my GitHub REAPER Reascripts repo issue tracker or on the Cockos Forum Thread related to the script.

Don’t find what you want ? You can send me a Private Message on the Cockos Forum or contact me with this form. See more infos about my custom script development offer.


All of this work took me countless hours of passionate efforts, intensive learning, and very short nights, but I decided to share it for free, as I love REAPER, which is of course my main and favorite DAW, and as I want to contribute to its evolution and public recognition. Please consider making a donation if you like my work and if you use some of these scripts. If you can’t afford it, a simple comment will already be a real pleasure for me! 🙂

Scripts Pack Content

In the following table, you will see infos about my free scripts pack content.
Dates are in the YYY-MM-DD format.

It should display approximately 400 scripts. Refresh the page if the table didn’t load properly.

That’s a lot of free scripts, isn’t it ? 😛 Thanks for considering making a donation if you enjoy them!