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Guitar Cover: Nova Twins – Cleopatra

“I’m a boss bitch. I’m Cleopatra.”

One take multicam live recording. One main audio take and another for small part. No retiming.
Tuning: Low Drop E

Original track comes from Nova Twins’s upcoming 2nd album “Supernova” (release on 17th June). It is already available as single and Puzzles EP:


Thanks for your help!

Nova twins is a mid 2010’s UK hybrid rock band, featuring the two font women vocalist/guitarist Amy Love and bassist Georgia South, and a drummer for live performances. Their groovy, happy but heavy music style has lots of different influences, from rock to rap, grime to punk, electronic funk and sometimes metal, with a very rich palette of guitar and bass sounds. Indeed, both Amy and Goergia have huge pedalboards for their instrument, which they master with extreme fluidity, which is especially astonishing to see in their lives and colorfoul music videos. Lyrics are mostly about feminism and empowerment, embracing cultural diversity, creativity and self-expression.

To follow their call for sound experimentation, I chose to cover this song with an 8 strings guitar, playing a mix of the bass and guitar parts, with my own custom-made FX chains.

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