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Guitar Cover: Otep – Milk of Regret

“I just can’t forget the blood, the stitches, the bite marks, the kisses, the glass memories reflecting back the suffocating black ill milk of regret.”

Warning: Explicit Lyrics.

One take multicam live recording. Unedited audio.

Original Track from Otep’s 3rd album, The Ascension (2007)


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Otep is an early 2000’s metal band lead by singer Otep Shamaya, still in activity today. Early albums mainly speaks about traumas, with very dark and explicit lyrics, supported by distorted instruments and dissonant ambient sounds. Songs are characterized by their high dynamic range, it’s not rare to go from subtile whispers with a distant melody to brutal in-your-face screams and guitar riffs, flowing into a groovy rap metal flow. Some songs doesn’t have clear subjects and are more about expressing feelings and thoughts as they go (mainly depression and anger) in cathartic and even poetic ways ; it’s up to the listeners to catch here and there the sentences which will talk to them personally, to interpret the symbolics in their own ways, or to just to go with the mood of the track.