ReaComics — A REAPER related WebComics !


Because of all the scripts I wrote this last few months for my favorite DAW, I spend a lot of time on Cockos REAPER Forum.

Talking with other members, answering to questions, participating to the development, reporting bugs and making feature requests… well, it stimulated my imagination !

So, I decided to write a comic-strip about REAPER and it’s community. Yes, it is a very specific subject, and it is one of the funny thing behind the project: trying to make joke that everyone (or… every geek) can laugh about, without any knowledge required !

It is online since about a month, and it is already quite popular, with more than 1200 strips views on the first day ! What a warm welcome ! 🙂

The comics is hosted on tumblr at ReaComics, and has recently a dedicated Patreon page for supporters !

If you are a Cockos Forum member, you may consider leaving comments on this thread: ReaComics: A WebComics about REAPER and its community.

Thanks to every people who supported me in this project (which had a lot of positive feedbacks !), and good reading ! 🙂

Note: You may consider reading from the first post, which exposes the project !