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ReaScript Basics — Interview on REAPER blog / Part-1


If you know REAPER, you probably already know that you can create you own custom actions, using a serie of actions put the one after other.

You also probably know the SWS/S&M extensions, and cycles actions, which let you program more complex actions, with conditions and repetitions, and other nice features.

But do you know ReaScript?

Do you know that you can use advanced actions developed by the community, and even code your own, using a tons of functions created by Cockos for developers?

Create an action for copy pasting envelope points across envelopes and tracks? That is possible. An action for generating regions based on items? That is also possible. And an action for randomize take pan envelope based on a Gaussian curve distribution adjustable with a sliders? It is possible!

How does it work? How can you unleash REAPER modularity for your workflow?

Wanted to know more about them, Jon, from the well-known REAPER blog, asked me these questions; it was a great honor to answer all of them. Casual users, or future scripters, you will find all informations you need to understand the under-estimated power of scripting for REAPER, in this long and detailed interview!

Ready for the first part? Click the link below!

ReaScript Basics with Raymond Radet Part-1

Rendez-vous in few days for the second part!