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ReaScript Video Tutorial — Part. 1: The Console Output

In the previous articles, we have spoken a lot about ReaScript, the why and how to jump into it.

But the truth is, that we never wrote a single line of code. REAPER 5 is coming, and there is still no video about how to make this kind of actions, which is one of the most powerful feature of the software.

So… you want to script ? Lets code together !

Here is the first ReaScript coding video series.

The first video is about REAPER 5, Lua and the Console output window.

This series of videos is about learning how to code in REAPER especially. A general background with other coding language can be required.

Next video will speak about how to find REAPER native functions. Fun things will start in the video 3 (building scripts that actually do some things in the project !).

With practice, I hope I will begin to be more relax, so I could be as energetic and funny as I wanted to be ! Please be indulgent ! 😛

Subtitled using REAPER 5 and Subtitle Edit.
If you want to translate this in your language, go to Amara.og, the online collaborative subtitle platform. I already shared the English version on it ! Thanks for your collaboration ! 🙂