The following table references all non-private non-beta Premium ReaScripts for REAPER I made, either for my own use or for my clients. You can see if they have been released in a public pack. If not, you can contact me to sponsor its release! If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can take a look at my custom development service.

You may also take a look at my Free ReaScripts table too!

If you want to follow discount or new pack release, you can just subscribe to this website, you can follow the dedicated Cockos Forum Thread: Scripts: X-Raym Premium Scripts.

This list is now accessible via Reapack (2020-09-15)

If you want to see what premium scripts I have made right from REAPER action list, you can now install the following reapack link:

Scripts of this repo will be downloaded with the prefix “X-Raym_placeholder_”, so that you can see that they didn’t actually contain essential code. If you try to run this placeholders scripts, they will just output a message in the console.

X-Raym ReaScripts Premium Table