ReaScripts Templates Repository on GitHub

Beginners and Advanced REAPER Scripters could take advantage of a new GitHub repository I just created for ReaTeam (a group of scripters gathered on GitHub) : The ReaScripts Templates repository !

This allows to:

  • Have template files for common ReaScript functions, for starting scripting faster with best pratices and actual conventions
    For eg, working on all selected items, or on all tracks…
  • Share code snippets to other scripters, as a user created knowledge base
    For eg, custom color conversion functions, script header, tips and tricks…

All files are sorted into folders according to their themes, just like we organize scripts in our scripts repo.

We will update this regularly, but you can use of all available shared files we put on it ! All functions are written with a lot of comments so you can understand how they are build.

For a minimalist template, consider using X-Raym_Template minimal.lua.

Any contribution is very welcome.

Happy scripting !

Cockos Forum Thread : ReaTeam Templates Repository – Use or share ReaScript templates and code snippets !