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Download Button for The Soundcloud Embed Player

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Soundcloud is a great platform. I am an early user, and a pro member since one year.

But, we have to admit that… Souncloud is not perfect. We can discuss about its economic model, but even in it’s more technical functionnalities, it has some missing features, and some of them are requested since years.

One of them is : a Download Button for the Embed Player.

The fact is it is not possible, via the embed player code generator from Soundcloud, to have a download button.

But, there is a solution, that came directly from the Souncloud support, to which I asked for this feature. This solution seems pretty unknown, so I wrote this article to share it with you.

Here the demo/explaination :

See the Pen Download Button for Soundcloud Embed Players by X-Raym (@X-Raym) on CodePen.

The download button for the playlist doesn’t allow to download all tracks at once. This is a feature that the Soundcloud Dev Team tries to evaluate, according to the Soundcloud Support.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a download option for entire playlists at this time. We’ve received a lot of requests for this feature and our team is currently looking into the infrastructure to make this possible, but they haven’t provided me with a definitive answer as to when this might become available.

Curren, from Soundcloud Support

I don’t know why this feature isn’t simply integrated in their generator, even just for tracks, but the fact is that I hope they will do something about it : Souncloud recent alternatives, just as, are pretty good to find what is missing from the well known audio streaming plateform, and already provide such feature…

Good embeding !