Subscriptions Types

Going regulary on a website to see if there is new content ? No very easy if we want to follow a lot of them, we often finish by forgetting great websites which doesn’t have a lot of updates, despite the quality of their content.

Subscribe to a newsletter ? That’s represent a lot of emails, that often stay unread, and may ends in the spam folder without our consent. Worse, we don’t have any overview of the website we follow, and the unsubscription process can be a bit painful.

The solution : subscribe to websites using  RSS Feed technology ! Most of websites can provide these feeds, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, les forums, podcast services etc… You surely already have seen the logo (see above)

The idea is simple : you centralize your subscriptions in a RSS Reader, and when you check it, you will have an overview of all new articles published by the website you follow. In most case, you will also be able to read news from the Reader itself without having to open a new window !

With it, you have the control of your subscriptions, and unsubscriptions !

I advice you to use Feedly, it is a great RSS Reader that allows you to read your news online, from any device. It also have a very nice mobile application.

ExtremRaym RSS Feeds (FR)

In order to subscribe on my website, copy paste the link below in your RSS Feeds Reader. No need to clink on the link, it will only display the feed source.

If you don’t want to subscribe to all my articles, but only to articles with a certain tag, theme or category, you can generate an rss feed based on the according archive page URl, by adding /feed/ at the end. Here are some examples :

Articles with REAPER tag

Articles of the Créations category

Articles of the Vidéo theme

Thanks for your interest in my work, see you !