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Guitar Cover: Suicide Silence – Skin Tight

“I want to wear all of your skin. And watch as your world ends. With you.”

Two consecutive multicam takes live recording, unedited audio.

Original track come from Suicide SIlence’s 6th album Become the Hunter (2020):


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Suicide Silence is a popular american deathcore band from early 2000’s. Its style is characterized by brutal blast beats, fast guitars with lots of distortion, and very high pitched screaming.
After tragic death of original singer Mitch Lucker, Eddie Hermina became the new voice of the band. He successfully “inherit the crown” (expression taken from one of his song), proving he was also one of the most extreme vocal performer of the genre, just like Mitch was.

Skin Tight is a very particular song in Suicide Silence’s discography, because of the slower tempo and clean parts. The contrast between these parts and the tortured vocal performance is definitely what catch my attention in this track.

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