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Software Community Engagement from a User Point of View

A software community is a group of users of a software who meet, talk, share ideas/files together about this same software. This happen mostly online. If software users don’t communicate with each others, then there is no a community. I have been involved in a variety of softwares online communities. But on the hundreds of […]

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Advanced Actions Management: Import and Export Toolbars Buttons linked to Scripts, Change Script Path and Name

This article is part 6 of 17 in the series ReaScript for Beginners

Facts: When importing a script into REAPER, it’s command ID is randomly generated. When creating a custom actions, it’s command ID is randomly generated. Menu actions are defined by command ID. You can’t rename an actions related to a script, or change this script path. Question: How to share toolbars with a scripts and custom […]