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X-Raym Analog – Reaper Theme

Reaper is the more customizable DAW from the market. We can assign actions to shortcuts, to buttons on toolbars, create macros, write python scripts, create plugins, and we can change the software appearance with a lot of freedom. On this last point, there is a lot of themes online, but the higher customization level you […]

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A Detailed Guide to Subtitling with Reaper

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Le Sous-Titrage Facile avec Reaper

Subtitling has always been long and hard… The thing is that it can’t really be automated. You have to define timecode yourself, rewritte the scenario… Unless that Reaper, our favorite DAW, is capable to help us on some parts of the process ? Yes, imagine, if you could prepare the subtitles of a project with the […]

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From Premiere Pro to Reaper (AATranslator) – Audio Post-Production Tutorial

Because of its non destructive workflow, very powerful editing capabilities, cross platform-availability, very low price, and ability to play a large panel of video codecs (and SubRip subtitles support !), Reaper could be the DAW of choice for video post-production. How can we go from our video editing software to Reaper? What format to choose? What […]