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Guitar Cover: Tallah – We, the Sad

“But that’s me! I’m sad. I’m sick of being trapped inside. […]. There is no use in getting better. |…] Are we not supposed to feel more than sad?”

One take live recording. No audio editing, no playback.
Tuning: Drop A
No pre-existing tabs.

Original track comes from Tallah’s 1st album, Matriphagy (2020).


  • Hengry (Cam)
  • Friops (Assistance)
  • MLD (Plush Expert): we designed and hand-crafted the rabbit plush for this particular video.

Thanks for your help!

Tallah’s is a late 2010’s american nu-metal band, lead by singer Max Portnoy. Tallah is noticeable on many points, from the singer incredible vocal palette, the raw and groovy guitar and bass riffs, their powerful drums and crazy sound designs usage, to their extremely energetic and stimulating stage presence.

Their first album is about Kungan, the son of an overprotective mother (Tallah), pushed to the edge of insanity through psychological and physical abuse.

The second album, Generation of Danger, which is about to be released in September 2022, will be about a scientific exploited by a big company leaders, and who “retaliates against them by forcing them to take part in the greatest experiment the world of science has ever seen.” Definitely one of the album I anticipate the most this year!

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