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Guitar Cover: The Acacia Strain – Feed a Pigeon, Breed a Rat


(DISCLAIMER: Blood imagery – of course, this is only make-up for the performance!).

One take live recording. No audio editing, no playback.
Tuning: Drop F

Original track comes from The Acacia Strain’s 9nth album, Slow Decay (2020).


The Acacia Strain is a 2000’s american deathcore band. Especially since 2013+, its sonic signature is characterized by low tuned riffs, ultra-high gain, slow tempo yet groovy rhythms, and dissonant distant high pitch guitar sounds. Lyrics evolved around nihilism, misanthropy, pessimism and vague apocalyptic descriptions of the earth. For sure, opening the album with this song was definitely on point when it came out in 2020. This is just for the show, (some song are directly inspired by movies SF and horror movies), and doesn’t prevent the band from having some absurd humor music videos, and on political side, pro-BLM and anti-war public statements.

Filming this cover was quite challenging for various reasons, most obvious being make-up like this in day-light. Knowing that this was our last and only chance to have something out of the recording session definitely made me miss these pinched harmonics !

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